Crack'n Flee.

The thief sneaks into the building with automatic security system and plans to steal all treasures, the only way to next floor is typing correct password to switch on the elevator. The greedy thief needs to key in respective password of each floor to steal all treasures in every floors.

The guessing pattern is to guess the arrangement and combination of numbers, symbols or images results from random numbers. The difficult level from 2-digi to 6-digi with unrepeatable number or image.

You have to help the thief to move the turntable. Press “GO” after finishing the puzzle.

The system will reply the results of password guessing, when correct position of the number or image, you get and “A”;With “B” when incorrect position with the same number or image.

Ex. Correct password:”4325″, when you guess “4201”, the system will reply “1A1B”;the same way as symbol or image guessing.

There is time limit with each gate, the system will alarm when 30-second countdown, once count down to 0, the thief fails!


還記得小時候拿紙筆與同學互猜數字,一個數字位置正確~可以得到一個”A”,數字正確位置不對則得到一個”B”,比看看誰先猜中對方的數字的小遊戲嗎? 現在也可以在iPhone / iPod Touch上玩得到囉。


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