“I’ve always wanted to be a giant space crab.” – Gabe Newell

“The controls are perfect.” – Touch Arcade

“It’s immediately obvious, and incredibly hilarious.” — WIRED

“The crab smiled, the music and action picked right back up again, and I was hooked.” — Pocket Gamer, 9/10

“Man, this game is good.” — Touch Arcade, 4.5 STARS

“It’s a wonderful dose of originality.” — 148Apps, 4.5 STARS

“It may be the most innovative game in the App Store.” — Apple’N’Apps, 4/5

Once, every hundred years, Crabitron descends upon the civilized galaxy to teach humanity a brutal lesson — to stop eating his delicious crustacean brothers.

Humanity never learns. It’s time for their lesson.

A lovingly crafted game about destroying the universe as a Giant Space Crab.

• Touch, pinch, and fling your claws to cause destruction
• Battle against waves of enemies, including sharks with frickin’ lasers
• Gobble Burgers of Power, burp fireballs and suck in everything
• Snap, crush and ruin everyone’s day… or life
• The world’s most realistic Giant Space Crab simulation

Crabitron Review

Crabs have a bad rap. Angry people are described as crabby. Roger Corman made a marginally scary movie about them.  They’re associated with uncomfortable parasites. In fact, the only time people seem to love crabs is when they’re boiled, cracked open with hammers, and eaten with butter and a little lemon juice. Mmm, delicious. But never mind that. What we’re saying is that it’s time for the crabs to strike back, and Crabitron is the Read More →

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