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CozyQuest Review

When people think about an iPhone MMO, the first thing that comes to mind is the need to spam friend codes and pay extra in order to be able to get anywhere.

This is not the case with CozyQuest– the game takes out all of the bad qualities of current MMOs and replaces them with a fair and fun experience that the player can enjoy.

Eh, we’ve seen worse in NYC.

CozyQuest separates itself from other games of the genre by doing away with friend codes, which are used to build up your army or horde, a la Mafia Wars, iVampires, etc. — everything is based solely on your personal skill. There are no fees for bonus items to gain an unfair edge on the competition, and no favoring of players who spend an absurd amount of money and time on codes.

While the game is well written and getting better by the moment, there is not enough variety in quests to keep the player busy. We got bored repeating the same quests numerous times in order to level up, which is tedious due to the large amount of experience you must earn. Once you begin to get past the initial levels, though, new quest mechanics come into play, the most impressive of which are dungeons. These are structured multiroom areas that start you off with easy enemies that get increasingly harder until the boss.

CozyQuest’s presentation is great. While primarily a text-based game, the amount of polish on this game is something to be admired. Not only is the text easy on the eyes but exceptional original artwork and a beautiful interface makes this game just as much fun to look at as it is to play!

Although quests may seem repetitive at times, that does not mean that CozyQuest lacks depth. There are five choices each for class and race, as well as tons of professions to master and upgradeable stats to fit your play style. A balanced selection of weapons and armor make the game that much more customizable.

As CozyQuest is an MMO, one of the most important features is the ability to play online with other players, and this game does it seamlessly. From fighting other players via an arena to chatting in ‘The Salty Tavern’ (an in-game chatroom), you are engrossed in the game’s faithful community of committed players. The developer has even included an Auction House and Mail system that allows players to trade and send their items, creating somewhat of an economy in the game.

Developer Nils Munch is constantly adding updates via the game’s server, easily the best part of the game. No need to wait for Apple to accept an update — Any new content will be there the next time you open CozyQuest. To see what he has currently added, check out his blog on the game’s official website,

CozyQuest is, without a doubt, the leading MMO on the App Store that should appeal to fans of the genre. While the $4.99 price tag might seem steep, the exclusion of any later fees makes the game worth every penny. We definitely recommend it.