Cows ‘n’ Bulls

Cows n Bulls is a no frills brain activity game. Device guesses a 4-digit number (digits 1-9 only and non-repeating). Find the number in 7 attempts. For each guess, device will respond in C(cows) and B(bulls).
Cow – Right digit in wrong place.
Bull – Right digit in right place.

Cows N’ Bulls

Cows N’ Bulls is a classic mind puzzle where the player guesses a 4 digit number and is awarded a cow or a bull with each guess. The goal is to achieve 4 bulls signifying that the number has been correctly guessed.

Cows ‘n Bulls

Cows ‘n Bulls is a fun and whimsical word based version of the classic logic game.

If you like Hangman, or Mastermind or Vault Breaker, you’ll like this.

Make the best use of your free minutes with this entertaining and brain-enhancing game.

Better yet, challenge your friend to a face off with the 2 player mode! Pick a word and challenge him or her to guess it, then switch roles.

- 2 player mode
- Hints! Having trouble, get a hint.
- Over 3000 words, in difficulty levels up to “Insane!”
- Customizable number of guesses
- Customizable background

***** How to Play *****
Guess a word that has exactly 4 letters and no repeating characters. You’ll get a Bull for every correct character in the correct position, and a Cow for every correct character in an incorrect position.