Cowbell Hero Jams

Cowbell Hero Jams is the music game you have all been waiting for. Play the cowbell to 15 Original Songs including the hit “More Cowbell”.

Cowbell Hero Jams delivers a music experience like no other game before it.

Cowbell Hero Jams has a rockin’ assortment of original music that prominently feature the cowbell in all of its glory. The songs are presented with high audio clarity. Play with headphones to get the full experience.

The Tracks explore the space by ranging from songs with a 70’s Rock vibe to Drum and Bass, and even Dubstep!

Songs Include:
“Cowbell Blues”
“Give and Take”
“More Cowbell”
“Kung Fu Fro”
“Wacky Tobacky”
“More Cowbell (Remix)”
“Wobble Funk”
“Bass Bell”
“Cowbell Duel”
“DNB Bell”
“Mad Cowbell Disease”
“More Cowbell (Dubstep)”

This is a Universal App that supports native resolutions on all devices.

Designed to run on iPhone 3GS and higher.

Original Soundtrack is also available on iTunes.

The full version of Cowbell Hero is also available. It includes 26 songs including licensed songs like (Don’t Fear) the Reaper and a story mode.

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