Cow Vs Fly

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After decades of indiscriminate insecticide spreading by humans, a group
of genetically modified flies decides to take action.
They want revenge, with interests, against the human race that made them
suffer for so long.
Just when mankind seems doomed, hope appears on the horizon…
The B.I.A. (Bovine Investigation Agency) eventually decides to deploy its
best agent: The Cow.
Will The Cow, equipped with only a small helicopter, manage to reject the
flies’ attacks and save the human race which, once again, got itself into
a terrible mess?

Cow Vs Fly it’s a very fast-paced game, a perfect a mix of speed and (a
bit of) strategy.
Easy to play with, Cow Vs Fly allows you to reach your targets with a
simple tap, ensuring hours of fun!
Save the human race from extinction by killing the flies you’ll find on
each of the 63 levels, but be careful not to burn all your fuel, and
always keep an eye on the radio-activity level.
When things seems to turn for the worse, unlock the special weapons to
guarantee your survival!

Features :
– HD graphics for Retina Display devices
– 63 levels
– 5 different types of flies
– 3 special weapons
– Game Center with leader board and achievements
– Bonus system with stars
– Graphics by Piero Tonin, one of Italy’s leading cartoonists
– English and Italian localization

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