Couple Foreplay Game – Free


– 105 predefined activities (can be edited/disabled/deleted)

- Can add more activities

– Sound notification when min and max durations expired

– Player rating

– Password protection

** This version is ad-supported and has no other limitations. If you want to get rid of advertisement, use Remove Ads from Settings screen.

Do you need more romance in your life?

Make a gift to you and your lover!
Spice your sexual life with this application.

This is a turn by turn foreplay game. Each player will receive a random activity that have to be performed between a minimum and maximum duration.

You will have 100 predefined activities for easy start on.
You are free to modify, disable or delete any activity and even create more. 
Your imagination is the only limit you have.

By default the game will ask you for lovers names and will remember the names for each new game. You can change this feature in settings screen. 

If “Use lover names” options is activated, the application will replace “your lover” with actual names during the game.

If you uncheck “Persist lovers name” option, the application will not remember the names of the lovers. 
If you want to do it unpersonally, uncheck “Use lovers names” and the application will address you as she/he, without replacing any word in the activities.

You will receive sound notifications when minimum and maximum duration has expired. 
After minimum time has expired you can go on with next player. 
When maximum time has expired you should stop and switch to next player.

Optionally, if “Rate Lover” is enabled in settings, the application will ask you to rate your partner after each turn and will provide a winner at the end of the game.

You can also protect the application with a password from settings.

Love is in the air. Have Great Sex!

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