Country Farm FUNPACK

Featured in What’s HOT Music section USA!
Country Farm FunPack comes with 3 GAMES for the price of 1. Version 2.0 is here! Physic World… on 4×4 Truck and etc.

♬ SIDEWINDER – A fun and enjoyable kids game. As the game progresses the timer and speed of tapping the images becomes faster.! Comes with three bonus rounds which are Physic Chicken bonus, Cow Milking bonus, and Physic 4×4 Off-road Truck bonus. Fully animated with cute characters and sound effects and music, and top 10 score board.

♬ Animal Match – Has over 30 different animal faces and cute animal sounds. Also, comes with 4 random colorful animated finishes. Animal Match♪

♬ Puzzles – 25 Randomize Country Farm Puzzles with Peek view and animated finish and sound.

Fully Supported game and more updates to make game better!

As always, your 5-star iTunes ratings and reviews keep the updates coming! Thank You!

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