Coral Dive

How FAR and Fast can you Dive under the Water??

Swim far far away to get a Coral Reef Treasure in Coral Dive!! Your goal is to swim as far as you can while avoiding Corals, Killer Shark, Deadly Urchin, Deep Sea Fish, Cave Fish and so on…

==★Simple Operation★========
①: A Single Tap on a screen changes the Buoyancy UP and DOWN.
②: You can Boost and Attack Back with two buttons

==★Up to 5 Characters from Coral Slots★========
1:【Kelly】 – the Blonde Beauty
2:【GirRyu】 – the Surfer
3:【Scott】 – the Diving Suitman
4:【Sabrina】 – the Mermaid
5:【Zacko】 – the Greedy Pirate

==★4 Help Items and 3 Friends’ boosters★========
+: Life Pack
◎: Shield
*: Attack Power UP
@: Attack Range UP

√ Sea Lions Help Boost
√ Dophin Help Boost
√ Memaid Help Boost

==Features include:
Ⅰ:Simple Play – Two thumbs UP!!
Ⅱ:Killer Sharks attack!!
Ⅲ:Deadly Urchin attack!!
Ⅳ:A lot of Attack!!

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