Cool Cat Hero HD

Ever wanted to be a Super Hero? Well now you can with Cat Hero. Cool Cat by Day Super Cat by Night.
This is a fun, exciting and challenging Multiplayer Puzzle Game like never seen before on the App Store.

Help your Cat collect all the milk bottles by guiding him around the maze. But beware! The nasty Bulldogs will wake up with a Growl and start chasing you. Be a Cool Cat, use all your game Tricks to score before you get caught.

Use the Phone Booths to become Cat Hero, enlist the Help of your Super Hero friends, Spider Cat, Ninja Cat, Invisible Cat and Kid Cat. Drop Bombs to send those snarling canines back to their beds!

Earn Stars to complete and Unlock free and exciting new levels, from the Alley to the Haunted Mansion.

Multiplayer Game modes to play with your friends at the same time.

Cat Hero is an awesome addicting game for all ages: Easy to play and tough to put down.


★ 40 fantastic levels with different difficulty options waiting for every player out there – no matter if you are a rookie or a professional gamer
★ 5 Awesome locations – from the back Alleys of the City, through Restaurants and Pet Stores you will be running and chasing Angry Bulldogs
★ Exciting Multiplayer – are you up for the challenge? Invite your friends and play together on one iPhone or iPad and test your skill in 5 completely different levels.
★ 4 different Super Hero Characters – the Mighty Super Cat or the Stealthy Invisible-Cat? The choice is yours, but choose wisely – bulldogs like to sleep but they like chasing cats more!
★ Use a variety of power-ups and upgrades to improve your score and to knock out your opponents.
★ 38 Achievements to unlock – are you the ultimate player to unlock them all?
★ Secret Levels – Get the best score to play them. Can you do it?
★ World Leaderboards to check out the scores of players around the world. Show them who’s the ultimate Cat Hero!

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