Cool Car Battles

It’s the ultimate cool car game. It puts 3000bhp drag racing doorslammers vs ultra rare classics vs insane supercharged muscle cars vs highly strung drifting weapons and more. In what other game would you see a monster truck going up against a 1970s Formula 1 racing car? This is Cool Car Battles. Use your cunning to challenge your opponent, but there’s a twist. If you’re about to beat them, they might just challenge you back in a drift, drag or circuit race, car show or off-road event. Will you still win?

**More Cool Car Images**
You can even learn more about these cars – each one has a full history with more photos, and a profile of the owner and it’s all for free, just a click away.

**More Achievements**
Trump your opponent to win all the cars, earn points and achievements and track them in Game Center. Play against opponents from around the world in Multiplayer mode, or against your iPod touch, iPhone or iPad. Fourteen cars come free, and you can upgrade your garage with extra packs of 30 cars within the game.

**More Awesome Cars**
Supercars are boring; Cool Car Battles brings you vehicles that are the products of their owners’ passion for cars and we have met the owners and photographed them all. Ludicrous engine sizes, absolute attention to detail, brutal power, extreme rarity – you get the full range of awesome vehicles from all kinds of motorsport and car events.

**More Features**
– Works on all Apple devices
– Full strategy and tips guide to help you play better
– New packs being introduced regularly to keep your garage full of awesome cars
– Choose from 20, 30, 50 or 100-round games
– View all your cars in the Garage
– Professional photography of all the vehicles

Cool Car Battles is the next step in the classic card game that you might know as trumps, quartett, happy families, or go fish. It takes it one step further with the Battle and Boost concept. Get into it and get your garage happening. Get Cool Car Battles for your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad.

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