Cooking – Cake

Cake is to me what water is to fish !! u feel it too ? Come and join us to be immersed in this cool and fun app, enjoy creating different amazing cake designs.
One can let u decorate a fantastic cake in accordance with ur dream
Wide sampling of decorations. Just mix and match up
Provide u instruction and ignite ur inspiration

Six different types:
**Donut King
**Wedding Cake
**Cute Cupcake
**Jelly Cake
**Fruit Cake
**Cheese Cake

Decorations include:
Cute backgrounds and attractive plates
Various multi-colored cake sticks
Toppings with chocolate, fruits , candy, cookie and nuts

To begin with, select a plate or cake u like.
Then, pile up little things on one another. Flowers, piping, fondants, toppers, candles, and so forth. Make a fabulous assortment of them.

when you’re done, save it to your photo album or surprise your friends by e-mailing it to them

Now, game on !! u wanna be a great pastry chef ? Then start to create ur own stunning cake through the huge selection of ingredients !!

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