Cookie Pops! HD

Cookie Pops! The BEST treat you can eat on a stick!

Making Cookie Pops from scratch has never been so much fun!

Choose a recipe with the flip of a finger… then,

Add the ingredients,
Mix them with your Hand Mixer.
Roll out the dough.
Cut out the cookies.
Add a colorful stick.
Bake them.
Decorate with frostings, icings, candies, sprinkles and nuts…

Then eat your own delicious Cookie Pops in the most realistic cookie baking app in the iTunes store.

Or pick a Drop Cookie recipe for more yummy fun.

You can decorate and eat your Cookie Pops in any order… and see your decorated Cookie Pops on the cookie sheet.

There are a wide variety of cookie cutters.

And, if you want just cookies, you can make them all without a stick :)

Fun for Kids and the Kid in You!

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