Cookie Pop® Classic

* Cookie Pop offers some great gameplay along with great artwork. It’s very easy to learn, and after the beginning levels, you’ll start to get the hang of it. -

New outstanding puzzle game Cookie Pop® Classic is born. It is easy, simple yet the addictive puzzle game in the world.

What is Cookie Pop® Classic?
Cookie Pop® Classic is a block puzzle which anyone can easily enjoy popping various blocks.
In Cookie Pop® Classic, anyone can easily enjoy popping various blocks.
The objective is to pop the obstacle blocks to keep the space empty as long as possible.
There are two modes in this game. CLASSIC MODE and ENDLESS MODE.
CLASSIC MODE has time limits. ENDLESS MODE has no time limit.
As the level goes up, the game becomes more difficult.

What is a Skip button?

Use to change given block or to cancel block that has already been created on the field.

On top of the game screen the block that you need to create is shown. You create blocks by touching the screen. When the block is created on the screen, it will pop along with adjacent blocks.

How to play
1. Small blocks are shown on the game screen.
2. Click with cursor on empty space to create the given block.
3. When you create the given block correctly, the created block and adjacent blocks will pop.
4. If the created the wrong block, it will not pop and remain on the screen
5 When you re-click on the created block, it will be cancelled.
6. If it is impossible to make the same block, you can use skip button to change shape of given block.
7. Using skip button will decrease 5 points.
8. When the screen is filled with blocks, game is over.

Game Tip
* Create blocks fast and accurately.
* Use all the bombs.
* Use skip button smartly.

* Easy, simple yet addictive game
* Anyone can learn at once
* Excitement when using bombs
* Master 50 level and endless mode
* Pick your level in classic mode or endless mode with a flick of your finger
* Listen to your own music while you play!
* For beginners, guiding blocks are shown on the field at level 1~2

Normal bomb – Pop all adjacent blocks (8 blocks).
Super bomb – Pop all adjacent blocks plus 4 more (12 blocks).
Time bomb – Automatically pops in 5 seconds. Power is same as normal bomb.
Cross bomb – Pop all blocks in horizontal and vertical line.

Block types
*Normal blocks
*Obstacle blocks
*Unbreakable block
*Blocks that must be popped 2x
*Blocks that must be popped 3x

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