Cookie Maker Bake ‘n Sell

★The number 1 Cookie App in now available on the iPhone, iPod and iPad!★

★★★Over 1 MILLION people love playing Cookie Maker★★★

The only app that lets you bake, decorate, eat or SELL your very own realistic cookie! Cookie Maker Bake ‘n Sell is one of the most exciting new food making Apps and the only cookie maker app that let’s you SELL your decorated cookies and earn coins.

Cooke Maker lets you go through all the steps to make a real cookie as if you were actually baking it in the kitchen.

Cookie Maker has over 100 frostings, candies, accessories and backgrounds in High Definition.

Decorations included:
★Sugar Cookie Batter
★Chocolate Chip Cookie Batter
★Sprinkle Letters to Spell Anything
★Tons of Frostings to coat the cookie
★Silly Accessories and extras
★Candy, Sprinkles, Dots
★Face, Glasses, Shoes
★Beautiful High Resolution graphics to show off your creation
and a Bonus Game!

After baking and decorating your cookie, you can eat it or sell your decorated cookie to see how many coins you can collect!

This app also includes a Bonus Game Klinko!

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