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Contract Killer Review

In the world of freemium games, there’s often not a lot of conflict or violence. You simply milk the cows in Farmville, collect your taxes in We Rule, or shampoo your dog in Touch Pets Dogs. Now Glu is introducing long-range firearms into the freemium model with Contract Killer, and your targets aren’t just deer anymore like in their previous hunting games.

In Contract Killer, you have to gun down some of the world’s most ruthless criminals, who all happen to walk down the same few blocks of a city that is apparently hosting an international conference for mafia bosses. A few times a day, you can accept a contract to kill the boss and his bodyguards, then repeat until you run out of the day’s amount of energy.

Do you see the beast? Have you got it in your sights?

Each level finds you perched scarily on a rooftop or inside an apartment, and you have to single out your target in a crowd. The crowds are thin at first, then become stuffed with innocent bystanders at higher levels. One disappointment with the graphics is that the characters and environments, while sharp-looking, repeat constantly throughout the game.

Since Contract Killer is a freemium game, you can download it right now for any iOS device you own and not pay a dime. Before long, though, you’ll run out of energy, and be forced to either put it down and do something else, or spend premium currency called contract credits to continue playing. Contract credits can be bought with real money, or earned by downloading other free and paid apps through Tapjoy.

Make sure not to hit his identical twin brother.

While we appreciate that this freemium game is more action-packed than the usual farming sims, it has some noticeable flaws. The worst is that you will sometimes find the scope won’t respond to your touch, which can cost you critical shots in the middle of a firefight. This happened mostly when playing Contract Killer on an iPad.

We were also hoping this free, online sniper game would offer more social features. In DJ Rivals, for example, you have to compete with other players to take over real-world turf. Also, a competitive multiplayer mode like in Sniper vs Sniper would have been a great addition.

Contract Killer is free, so we recommend downloading it even if it’s not the best game it could possibly be. We’re not sure if this marks a new era in action-heavy freemium games, but it sure beats doing chores around the virtual farm.