conTAGion – You're IT!

NOTE: This game is optimized to run on iOS version 4.3 or higher.

Are you ready for the real zombie apocalypse? Get a few friends and install this game to test your survival skills. You will enter a world where you and others around you are playing in real-time as humans and zombies. Yes, you actually have to move – just like the movies – to avoid the zombie menace.

We’re a small developer so community feedback is important as we had a great time making this game and it’s only going to get better as we continue to build it. Since the game is new, we recommend you get some friends to play with you as the game is designed for multiplayer action. If you would like to organize a zombies vs. humans event in your area, be a conTAGion community evangelist, have ideas for the game, find a bug or just want to get in touch with us, we would love to hear from you! We have a lot of exciting updates coming and we want you to help us build an awesome universe.

Email us at – a real human (or maybe a zombie) will get right back to you.

HOW TO PLAY (humans are blue and white icons, zombies are…well you’ll know when you see / are one) This is a game of tag. Zombies are “IT” and humans are “not IT”. Zombies try to tag humans by getting close enough to get them into the tag range. Humans want to stay away from zombies, but don’t log out! You need to be online to level up to access more abilities.

Humans, to use an ability, just tap on it and if you have enough energy it will activate. If you want to use an ability on a zombie, such as a bat, target the zombie player first then tap the ability to activate.

Zombies, to tag a human just get them inside your virulence cloud. If the human is inside your red tag ring, tap them once and they instantly become a zombie. If they are outside the red tag ring but inside your green exposure cloud, tap the human and prepare for zombie battle!

We will have regular updates every 3 – 4 weeks so stay tuned!

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