Contagion X

Eradicate mankind by releasing your own disease on the world.
Create your virus : mobility, resistance, lethality !
Infect people, starting with patient zero. Earn evolution points and evolve… Defcon conditions are reached!

Contagion X is a horror game, brutally dispassionate and cooly catastrophic.


60 cities, 15 scenarii:

“It came from Africa” (Johannesburg)
“One night in Bangkok”
“Saturday night fever” (Madrid)
“Los Angeles heat”
“We have a problem” (Houston)
“Curse of the pharaohs” (Cairo)
“Fever in Paris”
“Morning flu” (Beijing)
“Pyrexia” (panic in New York)
“Russian sickness” (Moscow)
“Hot in Rio”
“Tokyo burnout”
“Born in the slums” (New Delhi)
“Cradle of Mankind” (Abidjan)

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