Contacts Quiz Free: Address Book Memory Test

Welcome to Memory Quiz: Contacts, a game to help you strengthen your memory skills and learn your friends’ phone numbers. Do you know the numbers, man, the ones to call your friends?

With the fast pace of modern life being what it is, who has time to remember phone numbers these days? You put a phone number in your address book and your forget it, then if your phone is lost, you have to try to accumulate the phone numbers all over again from scratch. Ugh! Or what if your phone battery dies? Once again, you are stuck without your contacts’ phone numbers until you can get it charged.

Good news: with my game, you will learn the phone numbers in your phone, and, by doing so, you will improve your memory! After all, your brain is like a muscle – it needs exercise. My game will exercise your thinking muscle.

The game is simple: you will be shown a phone number or name of someone in the Address Book of your iOS device, and you will be given four options (the name or phone number of that contact). You then touch the answer you think is correct – you will be given immediate feedback (you were right, or you were wrong) and your score will increment if you were right. The game keeps track of how many questions you get right and how many you have attempted so you can keep track of your progress.

The more you play, the smarter you get!

Note: You must have at least five “complete” entries in your Address Book for this app to work, and the app will only test you on these “complete” entries. To be considered a complete entry:

1. The entry must include at least one name – first name, last name, or company name. If there is a first name and/or last name, the app will use the first name + last name – otherwise it will use the company name, if there is one.
2. The name associated with the entry must not be identical to another entry. If two entries contain the same name, neither will be listed*.
3. The entry must include at least one phone number.

* Note that two people can have the same first OR last name, but they must not have the same first AND last name. Also, if a person has the identical name as a company, they will not be included as “complete” entries. However, in all cases, any minor difference (add a “Co.” or even a space) between two names will cause them to be considered “not identical”.

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