Console Wars

Fanboys from around the world have said YES to Console Wars!

Never before have fans of the Xbox 360 and PS3 been able to go head to head to prove which console’s gamers are the best.

Console Wars is about simple, yet addictive gameplay that shows which console gamers have the best reflexes and strategies. It is a game that would be too difficult to write on the PS3, and too graphically superior for the XBox ;)

Don’t be mistaken, the earlier levels ease you into a false sense of security. If you can get above level 5, that starts to sort out the true gamers from the noobs.

Kill Streak bonuses for kills over 3 in a row
PSN and GamerTag support
Local HighScores
Online Leaderboard
Fight the enemy during the day and their minions at night

HINT : Kill streaks are the key to getting really highscores

Go on, show us which console gamers are the best!

Coming in future upgrades
Care packages
Secondary Weapons
Some of your suggestions

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