>> If you are having issues running Conquist on IOS 5 please delete and reinstall the game, that should do it. Apologies for the inconvenience. <<

Conquist transforms your IPad into the ultimate war strategy game board. Up to six simultaneous players can enjoy this game with a single IPad. Risk it all for world domination!

★ World Domination and Secret Mission modes.
★ Challenging AI players.
★ Use the IPad as a board, no need to pass it around. Just put your IPad on the table and start having fun.
★ Save your games.
★ Up to six simultaneous players.
★ 4 maps: World, USA, Europe and Atholon
★ TURBO mode for a faster gameplay.
★ Configurable game rules.
★ 3 difficulty levels.

Play on the bus, on the plane, on the floor, anywhere can be transformed into a battlefield for you and your friends. Superb graphics, awesome sound effects and en extremely polished gameplay for the best user experience and lots of fun.

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