Conquist 2 Pocket

– Conquist 2 Online Arena: A mind blowing take on the classic world domination game —
Challenge your friends wherever they are! Pass and play your IPhone or show who’s the boss online and reach the top of the leaderboard!
No friends? Try the merciless bots and earn exciting achievements!

With Conquist 2 the quest for fun is over. Yes, it has it all.


– Cross-platform real time online multiplayer via Game Center.
– Global leaderboard for online games with competitive ranking system.
– 4 game modes: World Domination, Secret Mission, Colonization and Castle.
– 8 beautifully crafted maps: World, USA, Europe, Mesoamerica, Octopus, Asia, the Roman Empire and Atholon.
– 31 exciting achievements.
– 3 difficulty levels to suit all skills.
– Pass’n’Play on your IPhone/IPod Touch.
– Up to six players on the same device.
– Up to four online players, wherever they may be.
– Zoom and Scroll the board. Easy on old eyes ;)
– Configurable game rules.
– Customizable game play and game speed.
– Game Statistics, no one can blame the dice anymore ;)
– Optimized for retina display

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