The Conqueror is a turn based strategy game.
Place your ants in line to conquer the colony.

Defend your team.
Blue or Green.

Be The Conqueror!

There are 4 game mode:

– 2 players changing turn at the same mobile.

– 1 player against Mr. Robot. Can you defeat him?

– 2 Players in separated mobiles.

– 2 Players online. Find an online game and conquer the world.

Playing against Mr. Robot is easy to learn by yourself.
Mr. Robot will improve his skills as you get better.

There are 25 squares called colonies. Place your ants around each colony.
The player who closes a colony now owns it and scores a point!

Let’s play together sometimes soon.

We hope you enjoy!

The Conqueror is an AntCorp product.
It is just the beginning!
The rest starts now.

AntCorp proudly supporting NSW WIRES.
Wildlife, Information, Rescue and Education Service Inc.

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