* Smart Computer AI (you’ll be surprised how good the computer is)
* 4 in a row, 5 in a row or 6 in a row
* Different AI levels and playing styles
* Time Challenge
* Maze Mode
* Mixture Adventure Mode

The traditional “5 in a row” board game now has a new playing style! You can not only play 5 in a row, but also 4 or 6 in a row!! Still boring? You can try the time challenging mode, and the Maze Mode — Yes, Maze mode changes the traditional style to a totally new feel when the board is irregular…

The rule is simple: You play with computer to see who can be the first to put 4/5/6 pieces in the same row/column/diagonal line on the board.

We are NOT limited by the traditional rules!!!Check out the below which you don’t find in other similar games:

* Time Challenge: You play stage by stage. Each time when it’s your turn to move, you have a LIMITED time to make decision. If timeout, you lose. At stage 1, you have 10 seconds for each move. If you can beat computer and reach stage 2, the decision time is reduced…see how fast you can think and move!
* Maze Challenge: Isn’t it boring playing on 15×15 board?19×19 board? How about playing on some irregular board? How about playing on board with random “holes” where you cannot put down a piece? How different could it be than regular game? You think it’s simple?
* Adventure: Mixture of the above 2 modes. Can you reach stage 10?

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