Connect The Thoughts

Do you think you have what it takes to read thoughts? If I told you a little bit about what I was thinking, would you be able to guess what is on my mind? Put your brain to the test in Connect The Thoughts, the new ‘thought’ game that’ll have you guessing your friends thoughts!


Simple word-based gameplay where you give clues on a thought and guess thoughts based on clues from others.
Asynchronous gameplay through Game Center – be part of unlimited matches at the same time!
Lots of fun words to give clues on and guess (with more to come!).
Hints to help you guess your friend’s thought.
Leaderboards to compete with your friends.
Updates will always be free and we have a ton of great ideas already in the works!
Retina display graphics to utilize your phone’s full potential.
Independent developers that will respond to your comments, suggestions and questions.

Note: this game does require Game Center.

We sincerely hope you enjoy our game and there’s much more to come!

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