Complete The Word For Kids

This simple word game is for kids who are in pre-school, grade 1 or grade 2 or in the age group 2-6. Parents will love this app because kids will spend lots of time with the app and learn their first words and spellings along side.

How kids will benefit?
– They will learn to spell the very basic words.
– Since each alphabet and word is spoken aloud by the voice-over, the child also learns to speak them.
– The child will also be able to identify and associate the words with the pictures.
– Introduction to new words and hence improvement in the child’s vocabulary.

– Easy to use interface which small kids can understand
– Five levels with ten questions in every level.
– Every level has a slight increase in difficutly.
– First level free. Remaining 4 available as in-app purchase.
– Simple game to teach the child basic game play.
– Attractive graphics to engage the child.

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