Do you have got what it takes to play this game?
Common-Sense is a new and innovative game that will test your brain.
There are no instructions on what to do. You’ll have to figure it out all on your own. You’ll need patience, curiosity and, of course, common-sense to get through all levels.

I tried to do something new and kept the graphics very pure, simplistic and abstract – unlike anything else on the App Store.

Try to be the fastest solving the levels and compare your time to others with Game Center or turn the timer off and play the game at your own pace.

✭There will be frequent updates with new levels and new content.✭

Feel free to send me your own ideas for new levels on Facebook and Twitter and I’ll try and implement them into the game.

About me:
My name is Lorenz Kuhn and I am a 16 years old student from Switzerland. I developed this app in the context of a school project, that I had to do for my highschool diploma.

The main goal of Common-Sense was to do something, that has never been done before. On the one hand I think nobody at my school ever did something like this and on the other hand I tried to create an innovative application. Not an easy task considering there are over 650’000 apps in the Apple App Store. At the beginning I tried to figure out what the core elements are a succesful app needs. I then tried to add some innovation, by integrating the simplistic graphic and the „ no instructions“-concept.

And after 3 months of hard work THIS is the result.

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