Commander Cool

Are you ready for the coolest guy in the app store? He is like Batman! But he can‘t fly…. He is like Superman! But he can die… Anyways… He is pretty much the greatest guy to walk the earth. Commander Cool.

The Evil is on the rise once again and crosses your plans to finally take a day off. And once AGAIN Commander Cool has to save the world.

Armed and equipped with a parachute, he is flown to the battlefields and makes his way through forests, jungles, ice and snow. To make matters worse, soldiers, mercenaries, lots of lasers and canyons are blocking his way. Fortunately, on his way he can find a few treasures and useful items to help him to get through.

So let’s begin! The world is counting on you …. don’t mess it up!

✔ 35 exciting and difficult levels
✔ Oldschool 2D platformer
✔ Teleporter & parachutes!
✔ Easy to learn control
✔ Four unique and different locations around the world
✔ Cool music and 8bit feeling
✔ Game Center support with Achievements and Leaderboards

„Very cool platformer! Pure awesomeness“
„I love the 8-bit music and the retro feeling. I WANT MORE LEVELS!“
„Really impressed. I was a really big fan of metal slug and this really brings it back to me.“

Commander Cool – gameplay video

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