Comedy Central's Indecision Game

Important messages for Comedy Central’s Indecision Game players: After months of grueling competition and shrewd tactics during this election year, the most important political race of the season has produced a clear victor. Democrats have claimed the title of “Smartest Party” in Comedy Central’s Indecision Game 2012 trivia challenge.

As the election year winds down, so is Comedy Central’s Indecision Game.

Make your final moves and use your remaining Greenbacks!

Thanks for playing!


Who’s smarter, Democrats or Republicans? Whichever side of the aisle you lean toward, you’ll need all your political savvy to survive the 2012 election season. Play this fast-paced battle of wits and test your knowledge of the powers that be (or might have been). The party lines are drawn… don’t misunderestimate your competition.

“This is a very entertaining game for members of all political parties.” – Padgadget

“play enough and you’ll be able to crack-wise on the occasional political joke to impress new friends…quality effort from Comedy Central and 2K Play” – IGN

“…Indecision does a great job of mixing a game show idea with a bit of Risk-style strategy, along with a dark sense of humor about how our electoral process works.” –

“…it’s a fun distraction with a sense of humor. So saddle up, pick a party, and get to campaigning.” – 148 Apps

* Play with friends using Facebook and Game Center or be instantly partnered with a political pinhead from an opposing party.
* Turn-based design lets you play multiple games simultaneously. Push notifications give you a kick in the a** when it’s your turn.

* Answer humorous political questions against a relentless ticking clock on your quest for an election day victory.
* Run a “Smear Campaign” against your rival or demand a “Recount” when it’s too close for comfort.
* Election HQ tracks which political party is in the lead and the players that are the smartest Donkeys, Elephants and Eagles

* Dress your avatar for success in Uncle Sam’s Hat, an O’bomber jacket or Comedy Central branded attire.
* Taunt your opponent with clever campaign slogans designed to make them see red…or blue.
* Play often and answer quirky poll questions to earn greenbacks and access special content.

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