Com2uS Poker

Mobile #1, Com2uS proudly presents Com2uS Poker!
Enjoy easy, fast and simple online network with over 10 million Com2us Hub’s poker list around the globe!

No need for a poker face!
No need to make a table or hide your cards!
Poker game with simple and fast real time network is in your hand!
Login to Com2uS Poker’s Hold’em table right now. 10 million users around the globe are waiting for you!

*This game supports English, French, German, Japanese and Chinese

##### Game Features
*Linked with Com2uS Hub! Ten million poker lists around the globe are waiting
*Easy and comfortable UI
*Texas Hold’em familiar to everyone
*A chance of the lifetime! Jackpot system
*Pleasant network environment in 3G, WiFi and all connections
*Various updates planned for the future!

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