Coloring Mix 3D

Fans of the 3D Coloring Book for Kids app series have spoken! Kids who want an app that combines the diversely vibrant themes that hallmark each of our unique art utilities don’t need to wait any longer! Winter, Fantasy Girls, Pets, and Airplane themes are now all offered together with Coloring Mix 3D!

A perfect catalyst for children to nurture their artistic abilities, Coloring Mix 3D allows children the freedom to explore their artistic sides in any of the 3D themes and environments our 3D Coloring Book apps have showcased in the past, all at once. Pre-drawn 3D outlines from winter, fantasy girl, airplanes, and pet themes are available for coloring. These clear and simple outlines ensure that even the most inexperienced young users can effectively create fluid illustrations.

As users color in various elements in Coloring Mix 3D, changing hues and shading effects are automatically added to create a realistic three dimensional appearance. This app also allows users to insert some animation to their newly drawn winter characters. Furthermore, holding onto finished art is simple as it can be saved directly within the application itself. You’ve asked and we’ve delivered – with Coloring Mix 3D kids can finally experience the all the best elements from the 3D Coloring Book for Kids app series in one exciting package!

App Features:

* 4 unique aesthetic themes in one: Winter, Fantasy Girls, Airplanes, Pets
* Easy saving methods to hold finished art.
* Undo/ Redo action functionality
* Animation capability
* Automatic shading/ texture additions.
* User interface optimized for ease of use.
* In-depth catalog of outlines for coloring.

Coloring Mix 3D is developed by ComboApp Ltd.

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