Coloring For Kids

Kids love coloring. Keep your kids busy for hours and enhance their creativity at the same time. Learning with fun. Their finger becomes the paintbrush.

A child can simply replicate the colors from the reference image or use his/her imagination to fill in new colors. All the more fun for a kid.

* Totally Free to try out.
* Best for kids between 3-12 years.

Why kids will love this app?
– Cute and attractive images to keep a child hooked.
– 9 categories and 100 images to choose from.
– Change colors with a finger touch.
– Ability to save completed pictures.

Why parents will love this app?
– Kids will be busy for hours coloring and enjoying themselves.
– Kids will learn to recognize animals, birds, and many other things from the pictures and names provided.
– Kids will develop an interest in drawing and painting. Who knows, your kid may turn out to be a born artist.
– No chances of color spills on the floor or color stains on walls :-)

– Child friendly interface.
– 3 different brush sizes to color or erase.

Nature, Insects, Animals, Birds, Transport, People, Fantasy, Sea Life and Teddy Bears.
(first 2 sections free. Other 7 available via an in-app purchase)

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