Coloring For Kids 2

Part 2 of the very popular app: Coloring For Kids. 100 totally new coloring pages to keep kids busy painting with their fingers. New features added! Make your child’s inside artist come out with this awesome app!

Super Features:
* Totally Free to try out.
* Ideal for kids between 4-10 years.
* Zoom in to color in proper detail.
* Reference image available to replicate. Or a child could fill in his/her own colors.
* Unlimited color choices.
* Four brush sizes and three brush choices available.

Why kids will love this app?
* 100 images to choose from 9 categories.
* Cute, funny, attractive images which kids will love.
* Very easy to use, change/erase colors, save completed pictures, etc.

Why parents will love this app?
– Kids will be engaged for hours in a creative activity.
– Kids will get interested in drawing and painting.

Fantasy, Transport, Animals, Nature, Kids Stuff, Food, Sea Life, Birds and People.
(first 2 sections free. Other 7 available via an in-app purchase)

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