Colored Conflicts Lite

Welcome to Colored Conflicts!

The game that will challenge your brain. The game’s concept is very simple and easy to learn. So what is the game and how would I play? The game is made of five colored words. They will all be colors. You must tap the word that is the color of what the top word says. Sounds easy, right? Wrong! All of the words are colored random colors which will mess with your brain. You also have to tap the right word by the time the timer runs out. It starts at 5 seconds but for each word you get right, it takes 0.1 seconds off until it reaches half a second. I hope you like it and good luck if you download and play it!

Why is this game so difficult?
It is because both sides of your brain are giving you different signals on what to press. The left side of your brain wants to read the word while the right side of your brain wants to figure out the color. You will second guess yourself a lot in this game which usually leads to tapping the wrong color or running out of time. That is why the game is difficult.

The Lite version has a score limit; it is just to let you test the game before you buy it.

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