Color Whiter

Color Whiter is as addictive as the classic tris game, challenging your sense of color and speed.

Very simple to play:
Stack equal number of red, green, and blue blocks on each column to clear (whiten) that column. The color of each column will change according to different number of different color blocks stacked on each column.

* practise color mixing skills
* crazy speed at high levels to test your instant response
* Game Center support to compete with other players

Our Color Game Series:
Color Whiter (RGB, Primary colors of light, Additive color mixing):

Color Psychology (Psychology on “Color” – Stroop Effect, Words, Concentration, Logical thinking)

Color Blackout (CMYK, Color printing, Subtractive color model):

Shape Color (Color-Shape linkage, Concentration, Short-term memory)

Color Psychology II (Psychology on “Color” – Stroop Effect, Fruits, Concentration, Logical thinking)

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