Color the World

The Drip Drops are the new and only digital preschool property centered on art, color and creativity that provides young children aged 2-6 with the tools necessary to appreciate and investigate the world around them. This fun and colorful three dimensional app engages
children through an interactive world of imaginative coloring and animation alongside the adorable Drip Drop characters. Why not come along and meet Kellie, Mango, Red Rosey, Kabluey, Violetta, Yahooey and their playful dog Pinkaboo!
This app is a perfect introduction to the world of The Drip Drops and follows the very successful FREE eBook “The Story of the Drip Drops”. It immerses the user in a creative and glorious environment centered around Tint Town, the home of The Drip Drops. Enjoy watching children
of all ages get fully immersed in this world with The Drip Drops as they learn fundamental problem solving, teamwork and creative skills. This app is taking children out of the comfort levels of basic 2D painting, it challenges these young minds in this app that represents the 3 dimensional environment they already understand and know at home.

Warning: This app works with iPad 3 and above only.

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