Color Tap – Classic

● Tap as many, targeted, colors as you can before the time runs out! Be careful though, each time you tap the wrong color the clock ticks even faster!

→ Start off with level one as you only get better with time – no distraction… just you, the boxes, and the timer. As you start you will think getting to the goal is impossible but after a few trying, you will be amazed at how fast you can go.

→ There are 3 goals in each level; you can get more squares in the given amount of time than your goal but you will not be able to advance to the next world until each goal is met.

→ Be careful, after the first world you have things like Bombs, Stars, Timers, and Extra Points, poping up randomly through out the grid! Be fast, but pay attention or you might just blow the grid up!

● 6 Worlds in all.

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