Dodge and collect color nodes in the fast paced dynamic world of Color-Shift. Harness special powers and annihilate all your friends’ scores!

DISCOVER EXPLOSIVE POWER UPS! Each power up brings its own unique twist to this ACTION PACKED game.
★Time Warp★ – slow down the pace and just focus on collecting points.
★Invincibility★ – get out of those tough situations and keep all your lives.
★Color Match★ – Relax for the next 1.5 seconds because nothing is out to get you.
★Points★ – sometimes all you need is that little boost.
★★★NEW★★★ Black Hole – throw everything into a parallel universe (let whoever is on that side to deal with it).
★★★NEW★★★ Wrecking Ball – hurl your way through any obstacle.

EASY TO LEARN: Game comes complete with a beautiful in depth tutorial to show you exactly what to do.

We are sure you will love Color-Shift as much as we loved making it. Please be sure to rate this game and tell us what you think at Thanks!

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