Color Puzzle Of Finding Angry Octopus Fish HD ™

★★★ 2012 Color Puzzle Of Finding Angry Octopus Fish HD ™ ★★★

Support New iPad , iPad, iPhone4, iPhone3G … etc !!
Follow Clown Fish go to Deep Ocean World , underwater adventure, interactive puzzles in this Sea Ocean World Color Puzzle app!

♥ 3~9 baby kids traing right brain
♥ tap , touch diff color puzzle
♥ amination , music , easy fun
♥ very easy and intuitive

2.King fish
3.Great white shark
4.Green Sea Turtle
6.Lantern fish

♥ Sea Ocean World Color Puzzle Of Finding Angry Octopus Fish Features

★ 3×3, 3×4 each puzzle provide 3 color
★ A simple to operation , Support multi-touch
★ Support the background music , provide 6 puzzle for kids
★ Sound when u touch

♥ How to Play

Each puzzle offers three kinds of different color puzzles, children click on the puzzle to switch to a different color,
when the whole puzzle of deep-sea fish to complete the same color, they pass ^ ^

✔ clearance can choose to play or continue to challenge the next level puzzle, a total of six beautiful deep-sea fish puzzle
✔ off screen pass after the election will be automatically upgraded to color fine deep-sea fish.
Will soon be fine deep-sea fish all of the main screen to color it ^ ^

♥ What’s Sea

A sea is a large body of saline water that may be connected with an ocean or may be a large saline lake that, like the Caspian Sea, lacks a natural outlet. Sometimes the terms sea and ocean are used synonymously.

♥ List of seas by surface area

Name of the Water Body Surface area (sq.mi) Surface area (km2)
1 Philippine Sea 2,000,000 5,177,762
2 Coral Sea 1,850,000 4,791,000
3 Arabian Sea 1,491,130 3,862,000
4 South China Sea 1,351,936 3,500,000
5 Weddell Sea 1,081,548 2,800,000
6 Caribbean Sea 1,063,000 2,754,000
7 Mediterranean Sea 965,000 2,500,000
8 Tasman Sea 900,000 2,330,000
9 Bering Sea 873,000 2,260,100
10 Bay of Bengal 838,970 2,172,000

♥ Support

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