The simple addictive game

✓3 in 1
✓Game Center
✓Facebook and Twitter posting
✓iPhone and iPad support
✓Stunning HD Retina graphics
✓Beautiful design
✓Great look and feel
✓Endless Levels for endless fun
✓iPhone 5 and iPad mini optimised
✓Exercise your mind
✓Improves your reflexes
✓Enhances your concentration
✓Tracks your best score and syncs it online
✓Best in store

This game is very addictive and fun.
It provides hours of fun or a quick 5 minute game if need be.

This 3 in 1 game contains 3 games:

The Memory Game

Mimic the color sequence flashed.
Dynamic speed increase.

You have 3 Lives
-Use them wisely!


Great for a quick 5 minute game.
The name of a color will be displayed, press the name of the color.

-Don’t get confused!

You have 30 seconds to pop as many lighted buttons as possible.

-Reflexes will be tested!


This game is about having fun
as well as competing with others!