Color Flow Free ~ Logic Board Puzzle Game

A game for puzzle maniacs of all ages! Color Box is a challenging and addictive puzzle game also known as Shikaku, Boxes or Rectangles. The goal is to completely fill the game grid with squares and rectangles respecting the number hints.

★ A great way for children to exercise multiplication and logic skills ★
★ More than 100 unique levels. Countless hours of fun! ★


✩ “Challenging and fun puzzle for people of all ages!” — Best iPhone Games
✩ “A very entertaining puzzle game (…)” — iOS Arcade
✩ “4/4 – You won’t regret this download.” — MobiAddiction


★ Some of the cells in the game grid are numbered
★ Divide the game grid into rectangular or square boxes in a way that each box contains only one number and that number represents the area of the square or rectangle. For example, a box containing the number 9 must contain a total of 9 cells.
★ Overlapping boxes is not allowed

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