Color Fish

ColorFish is a fish farming game. There are fantastic scene and cute fish, which you’ll absolutely like.

-Beautiful Background
Many kinds of Scenes you can choose
-Vivid Fish
Every fish have its own expression, very cute!
-Friendly Interface
Just move your finger, you can feed your fish and beat the black beans.
-Abundant game ways
You can get fish of new variety, just by the kissing between two fish.
You can visit friends’ sea areas every day

How to be proficient with ColorFish ?
-Defeat black beans and Sea beasts, to save your beautiful fish
-Open new sea areas to farm fish after leveling up
-Open fish collections when your fish is grown up. When you open all collections of one clan, you can open medals of fish clan.
-Drag two grown fish to kiss, you can get new baby fish
-You can show your status in mission achievements after you finish missions
-You can visit firends’ sea areas, helping friend feed their fish and beat black beans

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