Color Clash 2D

Color Clash 2D:
A head-to-head sliding puzzle game with a (color) twist.

Slide the tiles around until no adjacent tiles have the same color and you win – that is, if you were able to find a solution before your opponent(s).

The colorful details:

Getting ‘em in order
There’s no specific order. Just make sure no two adjacent tiles have the same color.

Making your move
Slide a tile into the open cell. Couldn’t be an simpler than that!

Sliding to victory
The clock is running and we are watching every move that you make. Minimize the time to solve the puzzle. If the total time you spend playing is less than your opponent, then you win the game.

Achieving your goals
Achievements are available for number of wins in competition mode, low-scoring rounds against your opponent in competition mode, or for solving more challenging puzzles in single player mode.

Becoming a leader
Get your name on the leaderboard by solving all of the single player puzzles (4×4, 5×5, 6×6, and 7×7) with the lowest score.

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