Color Challenge FREE

Try out the mind twisting game people are raving about!!!

★Match the color it gives you with the corresponding colored circle! But wait! It’s not that easy! The color of the text is different then the color it spells out!

★See how quickly you can respond without mixing up colors!

How to play:
★Tap go and you will be given a color. Tap the corresponding colored circle as fast as you can. Careful! Don’t be fooled by the color of the text!

★Classic: See how many correct circles you can tap consecutively!
★Reaction Time: See how quick your reaction time is by tapping the correct circle as fast as you can!

★Compete with your friends and see who is the sharpest and can get the highest score!

★Great for all ages!


★Two different game modes!

★High Scores

★Three difficulty levels for Classic mode

★6 colors

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