【As supplemental information about the method of the operation to stun the bird type,we added the description of the rotation of the cube to the support page temporarily.】

ColoQ is “New type 3D puzzle game”.

The player controls cute characters on the cubic maps of divided by 3 lines horizontally and vertically
and the player stomp the monsters flat by rotating lines of the cubic maps and beat them.
If you could beat all monsters, you will clear the mission.

The game rule is “Turn-based”.
If the the player is attacked by the monsters which are come closer and life points of the player becomes zero,the game
will be over.
The knack for the game is how the player moves,reads the movement of the monsters and uses the attributions of the map
within one turn.

In the future, additional variety of stages of world concepts will be released.
Don’t miss it!

Apparently, this game looks cute characters and world concepts game but this is full-fledged puzzle game.
Will you train the the back side of your brain by ColoQ?

・Additional missions

Limited time special offer!
Special Price of Additional 100missions is $1.99 USD(tax included)!
This additional 100 missions in snow and ice,called “Iceland” are for beginners.

Usual price of Additional 100missions is $3.99 USD(tax included).

You can purchase additional missions at “SHOP”in the game.

※Credit Card Payments Only.
※Carrier Billing of Mobile Phone Companies is NOT supported.

・answer movie of mission in Puzzle Mode.
Periodically,the answer will be added. Please check it out.

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