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Thank goodness you’re finally here. There’s been a… “miscalculation” at the power plant and it’s not pretty. There are charged particles all over the place and we need a top scientist like yourself to figure out how to neutralize them, and fast.

Here’s what you’re dealing with:

– A lab with 25 explosive puzzles will keep you addicted!

– Get all positive and negative particle balls to collide and explode!

– Drop, bounce, swing, roll, flip and more with real physics!

– Use pipes, ropes, springs, switches, gears, and much, much more!

– More experiments coming soon!

This is going to have you scratching your head for hours, so I hope you got your rest, scientist. Complete these experiments successfully and I’ll make sure you get more research funding than you’ll know how to misuse. We’ll even throw in one of those spiffy lab coats you scientists love so much. Just, please… get in that lab now!

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