Collectemals is a location based social game. Catch the Collectemals and complete your collections album!

Each collection contains promotional Collectemals that you can discover right away, but to complete your journey you will have to find and catch them at their location. Throughout your search for Collectemals, you will discover that they are found at some of the most fantastic sights around the world.

The first collections allow you to discover Gaudí’s architecture, and venture in a search for Vall de Boí’s Romanesque art (declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO).

In order to play you need a Facebook account and a data connection (3g or wifi).
Beware of data connection usage outside your country, since there might be additional roaming charges.

1 – Download and install the game.
2 – Login with your Facebook user name.
3 – Accept the game permissions.
4 – Catch the promotional Collectemals on your screen!
5 – Review the collections available, and search for the ones you are missing to complete them.
6 – Enjoy the fantastic places you will discover while looking for and catching new collectemals!

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