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Collapse! Review

If you’ve ever clicked around flash game sites, you’ve probably stumbled on SameGame. It goes by many names, but the basic premise is to clear a grid of similarly-colored blocks that are lumped together. If they get separated between other colors, they’re stuck on the board. Collapse! is a variation on that genre, but it adds a unique level progression and sense of style.

You play as a blue-bodied figure, resembling an upside-down exclamation point, who travels the world on a quest to bring light to a dark forest, clean up a murky ocean, and perform other environmental good deeds. The world is being threatened by block-headed creatures, and by playing dozens of levels of SameGame you can clean up their mess and banish them.

Get these things to a zoo!

Collapse! starts off very simply, with just a faster-paced variation on SameGame, but soon adds “relapse” levels with two slowly growing sides, a strategy level where you gain a new row every other click, and a panic mode that drops blocks on you from above if you’re not fast enough. Clicking through these levels is a cinch, and just about anyone can appreciate the colorful atmosphere.

However, it’s all a bit too simple. You’ll gain coins between levels to buy colored bombs and other special blocks, but you can probably beat the entire game without relying on them. You can also obtain new outfits for your upside-down exclamation point figure, but these are very few and don’t provide nearly the same amount of customization as a game like Puzzlings. Still, we appreciated these efforts to (literally) dress up a familiar formula.

Not winning any awards for originality.

We beat Collapse! in about an hour and a half, but if you’re nutty for SameGame you can probably squeeze another hour from the quickplay modes, which contain most of the modes of the main quest. The five boss fights in the game are a highlight, but like most of the game, any adult can probably beat them handily on the first try. Only the handful of puzzle levels gave us actual pause.

For kids, or adults who spent a lot of office hours playing SameGame, Collapse! is a good buy for a buck. Its colorful atmosphere and incredibly accessible gameplay should put a smile on your face, even if it is a bit simple.