Collapse or Oblivion: Solar Creator Free

You could be a creator, or a destroyer by your own will, to create a lively or a barren world in your own solar system.

Minimal Requirements:
iPhone 4G, iPad, iPod Touch 4

★ Full 3D virtual outer space experience, Stunning graphics performance.
☆ Stars, planets and other entities run by realistic laws of physics.
★ Rich variety of scenarios and outcomes based on your choice of process and your unique style.
☆ All resources will be carried over to a new game.
★ High level of Artificial Intelligence is defaulted with capability of reasoning from knowledge base and developing its own emotions.
☆ Various Upgrades. Expandable player ability.
★ An exciting ride of scenarios full of twists and turns. An amazing creation bringing a brand new world view. Welcome to Collapse or Oblivion game world. A grand epic of the Universe.

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