CoinFalls 忍

☆’Coin Falls忍’ is No.1 Casino genre game in Japan/Luxembourg/China(and more) AppStore.
★News!! Version 2.0 is coming now!! This version has FIVER TIME!!

Dozer lineage game again? No!!!
Unlike other games,the number of coins very often appear.

So… That have high-quality graphics and cool Japanese rock sounds!!

You’ll go crazy,sense of swipe a coin toss.
This is the best feeling.

Once you have played this game,
You carelessly will swipe coins when play other games.

You are fun to collect Japanese figures.

This game’s theme is “Exotic Japan”.
Now Japan is very serious.
But we can release this game.
It’s very happy.

★☆★ Thanks a lot!! ★☆★
The following countries are now more than 3rd place in the app store(casino)!
United States/Japan/China/Macau/Hong Kong/Taiwan/Malaysia/Romania/Singapore/Luxembourg/Egypt/New Zealand/Ecuador/Croatia/Philipines/Vietnam/Indonesia/Greece/Australia/Pakistan/Mexico/Israel/Peru/Belgium/Nederland/Chile/United Arab Emirates/Thailand//Armenia/Italia/Estonia/Colombia/Argentina/Spain/United Kingdom/Kuwait/Venezuela/Slovakia/Kazakhstan/France/Canada/Russia/India/Czech Republic/Saudi Arabia/Jordan/Hungary/Austria/Lebanon/Turkey/Botswana/Denmark/Norway/Sweden/Portugal/Poland/Ireland/Nicaragua/Switzerland/Germany/Finland/Senegal/Niger/Mali.

※If you ever bought the Option to turn off ads.
You during the reinstallation,Please buy it again.
Price does not occur if you purchased.

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